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More About Organ Stasis


How did Stasis get its name?

Generally, the term "stasis" is defined broadly as a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium.  We put our heads together and came up with definitions of STASIS as encompassing all of the following:

1.     Emergency medical biostasis 
2.     Life support systems
3.     Organ donation 
No deterioration

5.     No loss of vitality

6.     Removing the limits of time and space that presently stand between

        those in need and those who want to help them.

7.     Organ cryopreservation and tissue banking for medical usage 
8.     Organ cryopreservation and tissue banking for scientific research
9.     Biochemical preservation of tissue for medical usage
10.   Biochemical preservation of tissue for scientific utilization
11.   Emerging methods of generating states of stasis 
12.   Deep Space exploration 
13.   Suspended Animation as in the original NASA program

14.   Immunity from change over time


This seemed like the perfect name for our website so we are Dr. Gregory Fahy, who works tirelessly for critically needed improvements in the preservation of organs, put the words together for us in a way that made perfect sense. We at are honored to serve our community and the great state of TEXAS by raising awareness, educating people and helping to register everyone to become Organ Donors.


Our mission is saving lives!

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