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Organ Donation

Under Organ Donor Registry, you can register to be an organ donor, allowing medical professionals to use your organs after you're deceased to save others' lives. 

Donate Funds

If you like our work, we'd be very grateful for your financial support. You can submit a donation hereor by contacting us using the form below.

Organ Recipient

Under Transplant Waiting List, you will find information about the steps necessary for you or a loved one to become a potential organ recipient.


We could use your help in our support for organ transplant medicine. Please contact us using the form below. 

Donor Card

Our website includes resources for creating your own, free Organ Donor Card. These resources are available in both English and Español. 

Host a Party

We'll help you host a party at the Stasis Foundation or elsewhere, to register your friends as organ donors and learn more about exciting research findings.