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Information for potential Organ Recipients

You must get a referral from your physician in order to be evaluated by a transplant program as a potential transplant candidate.

Select a Transplant Program:  and do as much research as possible. Issues to consider include location, compatibility with your insurance program, financial arrangements and support group availability.


Schedule an Evaluation Appointment:  Contact the transplant hospital of your choice. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation to find out if you are a good candidate for transplant. During the evaluation, ask questions to learn as much as you can about that hospital and its transplant team.


Get Listed:  If the transplant team members determine that you are a suitable transplant candidate, they will add you to the list of all people waiting for a transplant. The transplant team will contact you in writing after you are listed, to let you know the date and time that your name was added to the list. Any questions you have about your status on the waiting list should be directed to your transplant team at your transplant center.

Information will be provided to wait-listed patients, recipients, and their families with a sound overview of the transplant system and suggestions for how to navigate it.

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