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Organ Donation and Transplantation Saves Lives 

The Stasis Foundation

We are a 501 C (3) charitable organization currently focused on accelerating advancements in organ transplant medicine. On our website you'll learn how to register as an Organ Donor, News and information on Organ Preservation and Transplant Research, how to print your own Organ Donor Cards in English or Spanish, Local Events and Donor Drives at the Stasis Foundation in Texas, how to make Tax-Deductible Donations, how to buy Organ Donor merchandise and how to Get Involved.

The US is Throwing Away at Least 3,500 Donated Kidneys

Every Year

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The Stasis Foundation

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Organ Donor Registry & Cards

If you choose to become an Organ Donor

Register with The U.S. has a national Organ Donor Registry that is divided by state. You should also complete an Organ Donor Card to carry with you to enable medical personnel to know your wishes in the event of your death. Learn how to Print your Organ Donor Card in English or Espanol.

Why be an Organ Donor?


Dr. Chris Barry is a transplant surgeon and researcher at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  In this TEDx TALK, he discusses the power of modern transplant surgery to touch people's lives. He also talks about the obstacles that prevent our society from realizing the true potential to help others through organ donation. His talk resounds with a call to action.  

Organ Preservation Research


Stasis supports and advocates for enhanced organ preservation techniques. As organ preservation technology advances, organs can be stored longer, giving medical professionals time to identify appropriate matches, transport the organ, and perform the transplant surgery.  You may enjoy this presentation by the Organ Preservation Alliance.


People needing a lifesaving organ now


Transplants performed in 2022


Total donors in 2022

Texas Represents 10% of U.S. Organ Needs


Organ donation begins with a person who recognizes an opportunity to help others, enrolls in a state donor registry, and shares their decision with family and friends. The culmination of the process occurs when the person donates - and saves the lives of as many as eight people who need an organ transplant, and improves the lives of as many as a hundred people who need tissue transplants.

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